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How to get cards?

all cards are equal to ≈200

Grocery card


Be our client

You need to become a Home Care client. To sign up, you need to:

Submit an application on our website or by phone.
Get approved and sign the agreement.
After that, you will be able to use all our services and receive regular food and clothing cards for free.

Select up to 2 cards

You need to choose which 2 cards you want to receive regularly (You can change your preferred cards every 2 months).

*Regular receipt of cards means a guaranteed receipt of 2 new cards every 2 months, regardless of whether you used the previous ones, provided that you remain a client of Home Care that we offer you.


You can select cards at the time of sending an application to join, by phone number, in chat or by email, whichever is more convenient for you, the list of available cards is above. *Cards are issued regardless of the use of services; it is enough to be a Home Care client.

Connect to Home Care and receive your gift cards regularly!

We accept only Medicare

If you need to switch your Medicare from HMO(Advantage) to Original(Straight), you can use the provided instructions: How to change the plan?

Submit your request, and we will verify your Medicare and call you back.
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Medicare Health Insurance
  • Entitled to/Con derecho a

    Hospital Part A

    Hospital Part B

  • Coverage starts/Cobertura empieza