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High quality home care services

A wide range of free home services, plus food and clothing cards, and much more for our clients.

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Free food
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Care and Comfort for Seniors and Individuals with Medicare

  • High quality specialists
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  • People with Medicare

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    Los Angeles (Including Orange County)

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What our clients say about us Our main goal is to make our clients happy.

What is Homecare
  • As a senior living alone, Home Care has been a lifeline for me. The team helps with everything from home cleaning to nursing servises. Their caregivers are incredibly kind and always make sure I have everything I need. The added food and clothing cards have been a tremendous help. I feel more secure and cared for knowing they are just a call away.

    Review Image
    Linda Garcia
  • Having Home Care has lifted a huge burden off our shoulders. My husband and I both work full-time, and knowing that my grandmother is getting the care she needs at home gives us peace of mind. The team is reliable and attentive, providing everything from medical pedicures to home cleaning.

    Review Image
    Amelia Baker
  • As someone who values independence, I was hesitant about accepting help. But Home Care has allowed me to maintain my autonomy while receiving essential support. The in-home visits for therapeutic exercises have greatly improved my mobility. The caregivers are professional and friendly, and the regular delivery of food and clothing cards has been incredibly helpful. I couldn't be happier with the service.

    Review Image
    Ben Rinaldi
  • Managing diabetes while juggling a busy life can be overwhelming. Home Care has been a game-changer for me. Their diabetic management services are top-notch—they help monitor my blood sugar, provide dietary guidance, and ensure I always have my insulin supplies.

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    Ximena Solis
We accept only Medicare

If you need to switch your Medicare from HMO(Advantage) to Original(Straight), you can use the provided instructions: How to change the plan?

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